Mr. Lu Jing
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Lu Jing, born in June 1962, President of Shanghai Institute of Technology.

Professor Lu obtained his bachelor’s degree at Fudan University in 1987. He was the lecturer and later, associate professor, professor and doctoral supervisor in Department of Chemistry from 1987 to 2009. During this period, he studied and worked in National University of Singapore from 1994 to 1996, and from 1996 to 1999 he took the doctoral courses in Department of Chemistry in Fudan University while still working. He successively held the roles of vice director of department of chemistry, director of academic affairs office, member of the party committee of Fudan University and university council member from 1999 to 2009.He then served as the vice president of East China Normal University as well as the party committee member, director of the graduate school of East China Normal University, professor and doctoral supervisor of Department of Chemistry from 2009 to 2013. Since 2013, he served as the member of Shanghai Education and Health committee and the vice director of Shanghai education committee. He began to hold the post of the president of Shanghai Institute of Technology in October, 2015. At the same time, he also served as the vice chairman of chemistry advisory board of the ministry of education,, standing member of China’s national higher education research institute, vice chairman of chemistry and chemical engineering committee, vice chairman of Shanghai association of higher education, board chairman of Shanghai graduate education association, vice chairman of Shanghai degree council, member of China chemistry education association and standing director of Shanghai chemical association.

Professor Lu has been engaged in the teaching and researching of physics and chemistry and the management of higher education. His research mainly covers the area of molecular reaction dynamics theory, ultra-fast reaction molecular spectrum theory, biological charge-transfer theory. Physical chemistry and Introduction to Spectroscopy, the two courses conducted by him are listed among national excellent courses. Professor Lu is an important member of the first group of national outstanding teaching teams( physical chemistry). He has been in charge of key and general projects of national natural science foundation, testing projects of national education system reformation, founding projects for core teachers of colleges under the ministry of education. He has also taken part in the teaching practice for the cultivation of innovation of chemistry, the exploration and practice of new patterns for cultivating disciplinary talents of science in research-based universities and the analysis and research of the development, presentation and assessment of featured majors, all of which are held by the ministry of education. He also participates in the dawn project of Shanghai. He has published over 30 research papers and more than 20 papers on teaching skills in academic journals at home and abroad. He was also involved in the compilation of textbooks like physical chemistry and introduction to Spectroscopy and four reference books.

Professor Lu has received special allowance from the State Council. He won the titles of Outstanding Teacher in Shanghai, Renowned Teacher in Shanghai, My Favourite Teacher in Shanghai and Excellent Young Teacher of colleges in Shanghai. He is also rewarded with the prize for Excellent Teachers sponsored by Baogang, second class of National Teaching Achievement Prize twice and Shanghai Teaching Achievement Prize for seven times.