InterTraining visited SIT and Discussed Cooperation
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On November 8, 2012, Vice- President Ye Yinzhong had a meeting with Director Dirk Kriegeskorte , Director Franziska Hort and Manager for Chinese Region Yan Tao from the “InterTraining Germany” . Zhang Minhua, Director of  Shanghai Overseas Education Exchange Centre (SOEEC) also attended the meeting.

Ye Yinzhong made a brief introduction of Shanghai Institute of Technology (SIT), especially of the international cooperation carried out in recent years. He said that SIT attaches great importance to engineering education, while Germany offers world- class engineering education programs, which promises a wide range of cooperation opportunities.

SIT always focuses on the cooperation with German universities and intuitions, and hope the two sides can work with concerted efforts in areas of advanced engineering trainings. InterTraining agreed to arrange SIT students to do internship and training in Germany and SIT also welcomes German students to study in SIT as exchange students.

InterTraining offers a comprehensive range of services for enterprises and institutions based on its 20 years experience in the field of international personnel development. It has a close-knit network of partners for many aspects of international cooperation, particularly for the Chinese market.