Internal Structure & Division of Work
Way of Contact
Internal Structure & Division of Work

wang ying:
Assuming the overall responsibilities of the work for the Department of International Cooperation.

Lu Lily:
Taking charge of the expansion of international cooperation projects, the organization of international conferences, symposiums and/or seminars, international communication and the work of hospitality.

Yan Huifen:
Being responsible for Joint Education Projects, undertaking various kinds of work within Office and international communication and the work of hospitality;

Gao Jun:
Enrolling and taking care of overseas students, developing cooperative relations with domestic partners and maintaining information system within the Office.

Ruan Qing:
Enrolling overseas students, undertaking the educational administration work for overseas students, conducting students’ exchange programs and processing documents for the Office.

Zhang Bing:
Helping the faculty (both Chinese and overseas teachers/experts),students, administrators of SIT to apply for passport, visa, providing consultations about the policies and regulations concerning the issue of going abroad.