Internal Structure & Division of Work
Way of Contact

Work Responsibility
The Department of International Co-operation (including Office for Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau Affairs) is an organization under the leadership of the university taking charge of the relevant work. The Department of International Co-operation takes it as its major mission to act as an assistant and advisor to the university with regard to international cooperation, implement the relevant policies and regulations by the country and leading bodies like Foreign Affairs Office of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, Shanghai Municipal Educational Commission and Shanghai Administrative Office for Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau Affairs, promulgate and pursue the policies and regulations which meet the specific context of Shanghai Institute of Technology, make suggestions or plans and propose strategies to promote international cooperation, expand more joint education programs and projects, assist schools to further develop their international cooperation , coordinate the work of international cooperation in SIT at large and arrange the visits of delegations or individuals from and to overseas countries, all of which are aimed at enhancing the reputation of SIT both at home and abroad.

Guiding Principles: Guidance, Coordination, Service and Administration (GCSA)
The Department of International Cooperation assumes the following perspectives as its major obligations:
---- organizing and arranging all kinds of activities concerning international cooperation, maintaining and expanding ties with overseas tertiary schools and partners, taking charge of receiving overseas delegations and/or overseas scholars, professors and the like and making meticulous efforts to host important delegations from overseas partners;
---- working in close collaboration with Office of Dean’s Study as well as Schools to apply for, run, supervise and appraise the Joint Education Projects of various schools;
---- working in conjunction with Office of Scientific Research to help school to go through the formality to apply for hosting international conferences , symposiums and/or seminars;
---- working together Office of Dean’s Study, Office of Scientific Research, Office of Human Resources and Finance Office to examine and approve the invitation of overseas teachers and experts both for short term and long term and provide service in this regard;
---- cooperating the Department of Organization under Party Committee of SIT and Office of Human Resources to decide the issue of the selection of the faculty to go abroad for course study or joint research, set up training programs with regard to English for non-English major teachers, help both the faculty and students to finish the formality of applying to go abroad, facilitate various schools to arrange the visits to overseas tertiary schools on their own expense and make arrangement for visits by SIT delegations;
---- working together with Schools (Department), Office of Dean’s Study and Office of Students’ Affairs to plan and carry out students’ exchange programs, examine and approve the application of overseas students and help them to accomplish the entry and exit procedures;
---- cooperating with Department of United Front Work to plan and perform various kinds of work concerning Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau affairs, provide an aid to go through the formalities to go to and visit these regions;
---- and shouldering the responsibilities of examining and approving of the activities concerning international cooperation on the part of the faculty and students in SIT.